Wireless Security

Governments, enterprises, and other organizations possess large volumes of sensitive and confidential information. Increasingly, securing government agencies and corporate offices means protecting against bugs and other malicious listening devices that are difficult to detect and find. These devices, which transmit infrequently and with low powered signals, can cause serious damage and leak valuable information.

Protect sensitive conversations

Avoid leaks and prevent confidential information from falling into the wrong hands

Detect and find malicious devices

Continuously monitor for low powered, infrequent signals or short duration signals outside of regular working hours

Expand your capabilities beyond traditional sweeps

Increase the likelihood of detection by combining continuous monitoring with traditional bug sweeping

Secure your organization and data

Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) is challenging because users are often unsure of what they are looking for, or if a signal is present at all. Malicious actors have become more sophisticated and use illicit devices that transmit data back infrequently, outside of regular working hours, to minimize the chance of detection. With sensitive conversations taking place in corporate boardrooms, government offices, or other locations, not detecting a threat can lead to severe commercial or security consequences.

Increase security with Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions from ThinkRF

Patented ThinkRF Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions provide the versatility, performance and network capabilities required by TSCM professionals. With a compact and portable form factor, and the ability to network for in-place monitoring, ThinkRF analyzers can be used for both traditional bug sweeping and modern continuous deployment. Fast sweep rates and advanced triggering functionalities further increase the probability of detection by skilled users. Seamlessly integrate with dedicated third-party applications through a rich suite of APIs and programming environments for a powerful solution.

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