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high volume wireless testing for wireless product

With the widespread adoption of wireless devices, the increasing complexity of these devices, and the introduction of new wireless standards, test and measurement users require flexibility, scalability, and performance when conducting tests. ThinkRF test and measurement solutions provide better performance and greater versatility to be deployed across the lab, manufacturing floor or field. Easily analyze a wide range of signals with leading Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions from ThinkRF.


Reduce size, weight and power requirements by connecting to any PC to get the necessary processing and computing power.

Consistent measurements

Reduce measurement error by using the same solution across the lab, manufacturing floor, and field.

Rich suite of APIs

Use the best applications for your business needs with a rich suite of APIs and development environments.

Scalable test and measurement with Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions from ThinkRF

Leading ThinkRF Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions provide test and measurement users more flexibility and performance to scale up testing and capture complex modern waveforms in a variety of environments.

  • Test more signals with 9 kHz to 27 GHz frequency range and up to 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • Save rack space and lower the initial costs of purchasing test equipment
  • Reduce the time it takes to conduct proper testing on wireless devices
  • Gain consistent measurements with versatile solutions that can be deployed across all stages of the development cycle.
Probe for test and measurement of new wireless product development testing
Test and measurement solutions for wireless product development
Manufacturing worker RF test and measurement

Product configuration for test and measurement

ThinkRF Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions, including the R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer and S240 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis software, provide test and measurement users up to 27 GHz of frequency range and 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth.

Gain the accuracy needed during R&D along with the speed, flexibility and frequency range needed during pre-compliance or product testing to reduce measurement error and the possibility of unexpected issues that lead to costly delays.

Take advantage of the advanced troubleshooting and measurement capabilities of the ThinkRF R5500 with Keysight VSA software solution.

Leverage the power of the built-in ThinkRF S240 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis software, seamlessly integrate with third party applications such as MATLAB®, and LabVIEW®, or use your own specialized applications with a rich set of APIs and the Python® development environment.

Learn more about the R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer.

Learn more about our rich suite of APIs and standard protocols.

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