Spectrum Regulators

Massive MIMO and other technologies with increase the need for spectrum monitoring

The spectrum environment has changed dramatically in recent years. Increasing complexity, a more dense and diverse signal environment, the widespread adoption of wireless devices, and new sources of interference have increased the requirements for spectrum regulators tasked with monitoring and managing spectrum resources. Today’s spectrum regulators face an evolving need for distributed, dispersed and in-place monitoring, increasing cost-pressures, and rapidly expanding frequency and bandwidth requirements as new standards are developed and deployed to keep up with the exponential growth in wireless communications.

Detect and locate interference

Prevent interference, both inadvertent and malicious, in a complex and unpredictable environment

Deploy remotely for continuous monitoring

Capture more signals and manage the spectrum remotely with networked spectrum analysis equipment

Experience better performance

Monitor the latest wireless standards with upgradable and easily configurable equipment

The need for efficient and high performance monitoring

This rapid growth has made any downtime or interruption a costly and unacceptable failure. Regulators are being asked to monitor wireless signal standards that are increasing in complexity, frequency range, and bandwidth across a wider coverage area. This has made it difficult, expensive and inefficient to monitor the spectrum using traditional hardware based equipment that has not kept up with these new realities.

RF frequency analyzer for spectrum regulators
Regulators monitoring spectrum resources
remote spectrum monitoring solution for spectrum regulators

Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis designed and built for today’s monitoring

Overcome the limitations of traditional equipment with Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions from ThinkRF. Avoid the inefficiency and cost of truck rolls with networked, remotely deployable, real-time spectrum monitoring, and take control of the complex, evolving spectrum and adapt to new wireless standards such as 5G.

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