Signals Intelligence

Signals intelligence and electronic intelligence (SIGINT/ELINT) has become a critical component of situational awareness and command and control systems. Aerospace & defense users are facing an increasingly congested and contested spectrum, and the emerging prevalence of electronic warfare requires new approaches and equipment. Users need the ability to detect traditional narrowband signals, intermittent and short-duration signals, and emerging wideband digital communications in a wide range of challenging environments and deployment scenarios with high accuracy and reliability. ThinkRF Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions provide the power and performance needed to effectively monitor the spectrum for known or unknown signals of interest.

Never miss a threat

Detect faint and short duration signals of interest with higher probability and accuracy

Reduce size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements

Integrate with larger systems or deploy remotely with compact, highly portable, and networked solutions

Extend useful life of equipment

Upgrade without replacing built-in hardware to analyze new standards and reduce total cost of ownership

Better signals intelligence with solutions from ThinkRF

Capture more signals and control the spectrum with advanced Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions from ThinkRF.

  • Control the spectrum with up to 27 GHz frequency range, 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth, and rapid sweep rates up to 28 GHz/s at 10 kHz RBW and 40 MHz IBW
  • Maximize detection of short, low powered, or infrequent signals in challenging and fast moving environments
  • Reduce SWaP requirements when integrating into larger systems with a compact and embedded form factor
  • Deploy remotely with network and triggering capabilities for continuous and in-place monitoring of the battlefield
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading third-party software for dedicated applications and advanced capabilities

Product configurations for SIGINT

The ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer provides SIGINT users with the performance, versatility, and additional capabilities they need to monitor the spectrum for opposition signals and sources of interference.

Deploy remotely for continuous monitoring with purpose built networking, rapid sweep rates, and advanced triggering capabilities.

Integrate into larger systems to increase spectrum analysis performance or use as a standalone unit that is compact and portable enough to be used by soldiers in the field.

Gain the power of the ThinkRF R5500 with Keysight VSA software for advanced measurement capabilities.

Leverage a rich suite of APIs and programming environments including:

  • LabVIEW
  • Python APIs
  • C++ APIs
  • PyRF Python Development Environment
  • Built-in ThinkRF S240 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis software

Learn more about the ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

Learn more about the ThinkRF S240 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis software

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