ThinkRF software-defined spectrum analysis solutions provide the performance you need at a cost and form factor you didn’t think was possible. Versatile and flexible enough to be used across industries, the ThinkRF products are built to exceed your expectations whether you are an aerospace and defense company, spectrum regulator or wireless communication and security provider.

ThinkRF provides a rich and comprehensive family of products to satisfy your RF digitization and wireless signal analysis requirements.

Aerospace & Defense

Spectrum monitoring is now a critical component of situational awareness and command and control (C2) systems. Users require accurate, real-time information to develop effective SIGINT and electronic warfare capabilities.

See how ThinkRF provides real-time spectrum analysis for aerospace & defense users.

electronic warfare and SIGINT capabilities for aerospace and defense firms
Spectrum Regulators massive mimo

Spectrum Regulators

Regulator requirements are changing with the need to monitor wireless signal standards that are increasing in complexity, frequency range and bandwidth as new technologies, such as massive MIMO, are introduced

See how ThinkRF provides these capabilities to spectrum regulators.

Wireless Communications

New wireless standards such as 5G promise to provide faster speeds, lower latency and more bandwidth, and it will lead to applications and use cases that cannot even be imagined.

See how ThinkRF gives wireless service providers the power to build the networks of the future.

Wireless Service Providers 5G and Massive MIMO new wireless standards

Wireless Security

Users need the ability to detect traditional narrowband signals, intermittent and short-duration signals in a wide range of challenging environments and deployment scenarios with high accuracy and reliability.

See how ThinkRF can monitor known and unknown signals of interest