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South Korea showcasing 5G wireless technologies at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games
Will 5G Wireless Take Home the Gold in South Korea?
Dr. Nikhil Adnani, February 13, 2018
The 2018 Olympic Winter Games hosted in the mountainous region of Pyeongchang, South Korea began last week and will continue until February 25th. With athletes from over 80 nations competing across 102 events, this year’s Winter Olympics are set to be the largest in the history of the competition. At the heart of the games... Read more »
Soldiers are Using Laptop Computer for Surveillance During Military Operation in the Desert.
Modernizing Signals Intelligence with Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis
Dr. Nikhil Adnani, February 7, 2018
With all facets of modern life increasingly dependent on wireless systems, the battlefield is no different. Electronic attack (EA) is now a pervasive and perpetual threat, and the relentless advance of technology has brought new dimensions to modern conflict. Wireless and digital systems have allowed for unprecedented speeds of decision making and communication by all... Read more »
Why are Traditional Spectrum Analysis Solutions Poorly Suited for Monitoring?
Dr. Nikhil Adnani, September 8, 2017
The rise of wireless and mobile technologies has transformed the way we communicate, work, and even the way we get around. So much of today’s world is made possible by the wireless spectrum that we almost take it for granted, and the technologies that use the spectrum, such as smartphones and other devices, are nearly... Read more »
How real-time spectrum analyzers will enable 5G wireless
Enabling 5G Wireless – The Role of Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers
ThinkRF, February 28, 2017
Imagine undergoing surgery, but the doctor is operating remotely from the other side of the world. Or imagine riding in a truly autonomous and connected vehicle that not only senses the vehicles around it, but also connects to real-time traffic information to choose the best route. Picture smart cities with millions of devices reporting and... Read more »