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5G technologies are rapidly being developed, and the first deployments are expected by the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea. Wireless service providers are conducting extensive research into high frequency waveforms that are well above 6 GHz, and new technologies such as spectrum sharing and massive MIMO will further enable the 5G network.

5G promises to provide faster speeds, lower latency and more bandwidth, and it will lead to applications and use cases that cannot even be imagined. Wireless service providers see the potential with connected and autonomous cars, smart cities, remote healthcare and public safety applications that will all be made possible with 5G. These applications have the potential to change the way people interact with each other and with technology.

The performance needed for 5G

Study modern waveforms with 27 GHz frequency range and up to 160 MHz instantaneous bandwidth

10x more compact

Easily shift from the lab to the field with compact and light weight spectrum analyzers

One box solution

Get future proofed solutions to use through research, testing and deployment of 5G technologies.

Consistent and accurate measurement challenges

Many spectrum analyzers are limited to lower frequencies and are not flexible enough to test and measure multiple wavelengths, meaning research into 5G is difficult and time consuming for wireless service providers.

Modern waveforms well above 6GHz are being studied in various environments, and researchers are starting to move out of the lab into the field. In order to get consistent and accurate results, wireless service providers need a real-time spectrum analyzer that is portable and compact enough to be brought into the field, but powerful enough to detect high frequency signals in real-time.

5G testing solutions for the future of wireless standards
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Smart city 5G analysis solutions

Shape the future of 5G with ThinkRF

The ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers are built for 5G. With 27 GHz frequency range and up to 160 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, ThinkRF provides the power and performance needed to study 5G technologies. And with our 10x advantage, you get the performance of a traditional benchtop analyzer at the cost and form factor of a small handheld. Future proofed and versatile, Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers from ThinkRF are a one box solution that is with you from research and testing to the eventual deployment and monitoring of 5G networks.

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