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The deployment of wireless components and equipment has grown exponentially. At the same time, the price of this equipment has dropped, while the complexity of the technology has dramatically increased with higher bandwidths, frequency ranges and modern modulation methods. With pressure to get products to market as quickly as possible, proper quality and compliance testing has become extremely difficult.

One device for testing and research

Quickly adapt to various standards and frequencies using existing third party applications

10x more cost effective

Scale testing to massive volumes with lower capital costs per analyzer and lower operating costs via more test stations

The performance you need

Avoid delays in the research and testing phases with in-depth testing and monitoring capabilities

Volume, cost and complexity challenges

Modern standards have made testing more complicated and time consuming but any delay in getting a product to market can have a huge financial impact on a company. Although the price of devices continues to fall, the cost of testing and measurement equipment has stayed relatively the same. The sheer volume of testing required has made it necessary to scale testing capabilities, squeezing margins to the point where some manufacturers are limiting testing or foregoing it altogether. To maintain the quality of their products, wireless equipment and component manufacturers need an alternative to traditional analyzers that has the performance and frequency range required for precompliance testing.

rf frequency analyzer solutions for Wireless equipment and component manufacturers
wireless device manufacturing and testing
Probe at manufacturing, wireless precompliance testing

Get the scale you need at a lower cost with ThinkRF

Optimized for wireless equipment and component manufacturers, the ThinkRF test and measurement solutions give manufacturers the ability to quickly conduct proper testing across various frequencies on a single device. Lower capital expenditures with our 10x more cost-effective solutions and economically scale up by testing large volumes of devices in parallel.

The 10x performance advantage gives manufacturers the power to confidently analyze signals at an unmatched cost and form factor. The one box solution can be used across the entire research and production phases of the product lifecycle.  Easily integrate directly with existing applications like MatLab®, LabVIEW® or a custom application with a rich set of APIs and programming environments that ThinkRF provides.

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