Spectrum Regulators

Massive MIMO and other technologies with increase the need for spectrum monitoring

The liberalization of spectrum resources is having a massive impact on the role spectrum regulators are expected to play. As the sector moves away from heavy regulation and towards a more market-based distribution system, government regulators will have to place more emphasis on monitoring than regulating. Future technologies such as spectrum sharing and massive-MIMO will enable new applications, but will also make regulator’s jobs more difficult. All of this is being done to reduce the scarcity of the current system and make the use of spectrum resources more efficient and economical.

Shift from regulating to monitoring

Prevent interference in a complex and unpredictable environment

10x more cost-effective

Avoid expensive truck rolls and get larger coverage while reducing CAPEX and OPEX

Deploy remotely in the field

Portable, networked and remotely deployable solutions let you manage the spectrum from one central location

Cost, complexity and efficiency challenges

The exponential growth in wireless devices has made any downtime or interruption a costly failure. Regulators are expected to monitor wireless signal standards that are increasing in complexity, frequency range and bandwidth across a wider coverage area. This has made it difficult and costly to detect interference and inefficient to manually monitor each location with workers in the field.

RF frequency analyzer for spectrum regulators
Regulators monitoring spectrum resources
remote spectrum monitoring solution for spectrum regulators

Get remotely deployable monitoring solutions from ThinkRF

Avoid the inefficiency and cost of truck rolls with networked, remotely deployable, real-time spectrum monitoring equipment. The ThinkRF monitoring solutions give spectrum regulators the power to manage the spectrum from a single location. In-place monitoring dramatically reduces OPEX and makes real-time spectrum monitoring a reality. Scale up to cover a wider area with the ThinkRF 10x more cost-effefective analyzers without sacrificing frequency range or instantaneous bandwidth.

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