One box solution

The ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer features a highly optimizable software-defined radio receiver, coupled with real-time digitization and digital signal processing to enable wide bandwidth, deep dynamic range and 27 GHz frequency range in a versatile, one-box platform for any application. By virtualizing the receiver, upgrades can be made through software updates to extend the useful life of the unit. The R5500 also supports a rich suite of APIs, applications and programming environments, and includes the ThinkRF S240 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis software for complete analysis capabilities.

Real-Time Analyzer for RF analysis

10x cost, size and performance advantage

The ThinkRF 10x advantage gives you the performance of high-end lab spectrum analyzers at a fraction of the cost and size. ThinkRF enables in-depth analysis of wideband waveforms while reducing costs for aerospace and defense firms, spectrum regulators, wireless service providers and wireless equipment and component manufacturers. Discover the 10x advantage today.

compared to other signal analyzers, ThinkRF provides a 10x advantage
ThinkRF uses patented SDR Software Defined Radio technology

Conduct deeper analysis

Spend more time analyzing and less time measuring with the R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer. Featuring a sweep rate of 28 GHz/s at 10 kHz RBW and 40 MHz IBW, users can capture short duration or faint signals of interest with higher probability. Conduct deeper analysis with a streaming rate of 360 Mbit/s across a frequency range of 9 kHz up to 27 GHz and get a full view of the spectrum around you.

Rich support for APIs and applications

Standard protocols and a rich suite of APIs and development languages enable a variety of industry tools to make the R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer a highly versatile solution. Seamlessly integrate with applications such as MATLAB®, LabVIEW® and PyRF®, build you own custom application with development languages such as C++ and Python®, or use the included S240 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis software application. Overcome the limitations of current hardware and gain the flexibility required to use a single solution anytime, anywhere and with any application you need.

R5500 RF spectrum analyzer

Networked and remote deployable

The R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer is networked and remote deployable to enable in-place or remote spectrum monitoring and eliminate the need for inefficient and expensive truck rolls. With a standard GigE interface and streaming rates of 360 Mbit/s, the R5500 is designed for network efficiency to ensure you always get the full picture no matter where you are.

R5500 featuring standard HIF Output and GigE interface for remote spectrum monitoring and spectrum management

Benefits of the R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

  • Grow margins and reduce CAPEX and OPEX with the 10x more cost-effective solution
  • Spend more time conducting in-depth analysis and less time measuring
  • Gain the versatility and flexibility you need with a one box solution that works across the entire lifecycle of your project
  • Seamlessly integrate with best-in-breed applications or develop you own through a rich suite of APIs and programming environments

To learn more about the ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, download the Data Sheet.