Powerful, Versatile
and Cost-Effective

The ThinkRF WSA5000 Wireless Signal Analyzer
is the versatile OEM platform for any and all
wireless signal and spectrum analysis applications.

Download the ThinkRF WSA5000 Technical Overview


Universal Platform

Designed for use across wireless industries and applications.

Whether you’re looking for a high-powered receiver to integrate with your existing digitizer solution
or you need powerful, cost-effective spectrum analyzer hardware to pair with your software,
the WSA5000 is the most versatile platform on the market.


Superior Cost Performance

That rivals high-end lab spectrum analyzers at a fraction of the price.

The WSA5000 has a large frequency range of 100 kHz up to 27 GHz and wide instantaneous bandwidth of up to 100 MHz. When coupled with external digitizers, the WSA5000 can support 160 MHz instantaneous bandwidth.

Standard APIs and Protocols

By supporting a rich set of industry-leading standard protocols, the WSA5000 can easily integrate into your new or existing applications.

Extensible Hardware Interfaces

The WSA5000 Wireless Signal Analyzer is designed to support
a broad range of applications in the lab and beyond.

Flexible Deployment Options

Configurations based on your application needs.

The high speed GigE interface allows the WSA5000 to be controlled and monitored remotely.
Alternatively, you can connect it directly to a computer for use in the lab or remotely across a network.
Whatever setup your application requires, the WSA5000 is designed to suit your needs.