remote spectrum monitoring

The ThinkRF monitoring solutions are designed to be highly versatile and cost-effective while providing the performance you need. Networked and remotely deployable, the ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer enables in-place monitoring across a wide area, while being compact enough to be used by agents in the field when needed. The R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer can monitor the entire spectrum in real-time across 27 GHz frequency range and 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth.

Remotely deployable

Deploy in-place monitoring solutions to increase efficiency

10x more cost-effective

Cover a wider area by deploying more devices for the same cost

Real-time spectrum analysis

Never miss a signal and see the full picture of the spectrum in real-time

More complete monitoring with the ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

Get high performance monitoring solutions for any situation from ThinkRF with the following advantages:

  • Overcome the complexity of monitoring modern, wideband signals with real-time analysis across 27 GHz of frequency range and up to 100 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth.
  • Never again miss a signal due to slow sweep rate. The R5500 analyzer features a sweep rate of 28 GHz/s so that you can track faint or short duration signals across the time or frequency domains. Use the built in ThinkRF S240 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis software application for deeper analysis capabilities.
  • Cover a wider area from a central location with networked and remotely deployable Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers.

The 10x advantage of ThinkRF makes it viable to set up a large number of remote monitoring stations and expand the coverage area, reducing the need for inefficient and expensive truck rolls and considerably lowering operating expenses.

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EMS and SIGINT capabilities for aerospace and defense users

Product configuration for monitoring

The R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer for monitoring includes the high performance receiver and the built-in digitizer, providing up to 27 GHz frequency range, 100 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth and a sweep rate of 28 GHz/s. Easily integrate best in breed applications through support for standard SCPI and VITA VRT control and data protocols along with a rich set of APIs and programming environments, including:

  • Python™
  • C++
  • PyRF Python Development Environment
  • ThinkRF S240 Real-Time Spectrum Analysis software application

Learn more about the R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer.

Learn more about the rich support for APIs and standard protocols.

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