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Real-time spectrum analysis solutions for aerospace and defense

Spectrum monitoring is now a critical component of situational awareness and command and control systems because accurate, real-time information is required for successful missions. Military users are facing a congested and contested spectrum that is making it difficult to fully control the battlefield. Effective spectrum monitoring has become a significant area of focus for national defense agencies worldwide as they develop strategies and tactics for dealing with this new reality.

Improve situational awareness

Manage and avoid interference and ensure communications uptime

Never miss a threat

Control the battlefield and protect command and control center

Open, flexible and built to last

Open APIs and flexible hardware integrates with any existing or future system

The constant threat of interference challenge

Interference is a constant concern for soldiers during missions or training. Maintaining strong communications between units and with command centers can mean the difference between success or failure. As the spectrum becomes more crowded and wireless signal standards increase in complexity, frequency range and bandwidth, soldiers will need to overcome both intentional and unintentional interference.

Aerospace and defense radar for SIGINT
Spectrum monitoring by rangers in field
Military spectrum management and radar

Get better situational awareness with ThinkRF

It’s crucial to monitor the spectrum to get better situational awareness in any scenario. Real-time spectrum analyzer solutions from ThinkRF provide high performance monitoring capabilities to ensure aerospace and defense users see the full picture.

The ThinkRF patented software-defined radio technology is adaptable enough to detect a wide range of threats in real-time, within an appliance that reduces size, weight and power requirements to a fraction of traditional spectrum analyzers. A rich set of APIs and programming environments make it easy to integrate with new or existing hardware or software, greatly increasing the useful life of the platform, critical for military and defense firms dealing with long lead times legacy technologies.

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