About ThinkRF

ThinkRF is a leader in real-time spectrum analyzers

ThinkRF enables the cost-effective research, testing and monitoring of all wireless devices by delivering high performance Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers to customers across industries. Using patented software-defined radio technologies, the ThinkRF Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer solutions provide the performance, versatility and portability needed for aerospace & defense firms, manufacturers, spectrum regulators, wireless service providers and OEMs & system integrators.

Discover the 10x advantage:

  • 10x more performance – 27 GHz frequency range and 100 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • 10x more cost effective – 1/10th the cost per unit of similarly performing analyzers
  • 10x more compact – Form factor similar to that of handheld units

Combined, these advantages make ThinkRF solutions more powerful than a handheld but more portable and cost-effective than a traditional benchtop or rackmount analyzer.

ThinkRF is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada and was founded in 2006.