5G Research and Testing

The ThinkRF 5G solutions have been built to provide the performance and versatility needed to study new technologies. Capture, record and analyze up to 160 MHz wideband signals and seamlessly move from research to testing and eventual deployment as you develop the future of 5G technologies and standards.

One box solution

Versatile, flexible and adaptable enough to be used across the 5G development cycle, from research to testing to deployment

Ultra-wide bandwidth

Capture, record and analyze up to 160 MHz wideband signals, or synchronize receivers to get ultra-wide bandwidth capabilities

Design the future of 5G

Shape the future of 5G technologies and enable new applications such as autonomous vehicles, remote healthcare, smart cities and more

From 5G research to testing and deployment with ThinkRF

Design and build the future of 5G technologies such as massive MIMO, mmWaves and small cell deployments and conduct channel sounding in the field with the combination of performance, cost and size you can’t get anywhere else.

Research high frequency 5G waveforms well above the traditional 6 GHz range of current systems. While research into these spectrum bandwidths can often be hindered by the limitations of spectrum analyzers, ThinkRF provides up to 27 GHz frequency range built in. Easily couple the R5500 analyzer with high end third party digitizers for more performance, or synchronize multiple units to obtain and analyze ultra-wide bandwidths.

Get more consistent results and reduce measurement error with one box solutions designed to be used for 5G research, testing and deployment. Future proof, adaptable and easy to integrate into larger systems, the R5500 analyzer provides the performance and versatility needed for 5G.

connected cars enabled by 5G research
5G spectrum analysis for future wireless devices
smart cities enabled by 5G research

Product configuration for 5G

The high performance ThinkRF R5500 Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer for 5G provides up to 160 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth to effectively study the latest in 5G waveforms. Couple this with a high end, third party digitizer and application for improved capabilities that exceed even the most demanding requirements.

ThinkRF recommends the following high end digitizers to be used alongside the R5500 analyzer. These third-party digitizers integrate with the R5500 analyzer and retain access to the rich suite of APIs and applications that ThinkRF supports.

  • Dynamic Signals Gage
  • Dynamic Signals Signatec
  • Nutaq

Or use your existing third-party digitizer and applications.

Visit our Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer page for more information about our receiver products.

Visit our Technology Partners page for third-party digitizer vendor contact information.

Contact sales for more information about the configuration that’s best for you.